Nikita Prudnikov (monekeer) — musician, software architecture expert and DSP enthusiast currently working in the field of applied machine learning in its connection with sound art. Nikita is an author of F L A K Y - a generative music framework which was used in live performances on various events including: Ars Electronica, Boiler Room, Gamma, Prepared Surroundings and others.

Selected works

Polyphonic — a performance for a prepared harpsichord and a DIY spectral modeling synthesizer reflecting on the theme of polyphony in nature. Recorded in a duo with harpsichord player and baroque music expert Katarina Melik-Ovsepian.

Faces2Voices — an online interactive installation which uses facial recognition technology and AI-synthesized sound to create a generative music composition based on imaginary voices of online visitors. A collaboration with new media artist Helena Nikonole.

“They” is here — a research collaboration with a musician and artist Anastasia Tolchneva (lovozero) focused on the exploration of the sonic space between human and non-human. The result of this research is represented in a form of fictional field recordings which are synthesized using various AI techniques.

Optic flow — a documentation of a found sound extracted from optical vibrations hidden in the lights of a passing traffic. Made with an analog light-to-sound converter in sync with a video camera and untouched by any means except for 2 montage cuts.

Interpolations — the novel machine interpretation of the Well-Tempered Clavier (WTC) by J.S. Bach performed in a duo with harpsichord player and baroque music expert Katarina Melik-Ovsepian. During the performance the duet explores the latent space of bars of the WTC through the process of the interpolation: the Neural Network generates a repetitive composition, interpreted by Katarina (harpsichord) and a specially designed synthesizer (AI-harpsichord).

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